46. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 30. Januar bis 02. Februar 2020

And the winners are…

The 46th International Film Festival Würzburg is (almost) over. While the cinemas are still busy, the awards ceremony is already taking place.

Board member Christian Molik comments on the winning films: “The two winning entries of the feature film and documentary film competitions captivate with their depiction of living conditions that seem unbearable – of people who have no choice but not to give up and hope for a better life. This touches and makes breathless in an incomparable way. ‘For Sama’ by and about the war correspondent Waad al-Kateab in besieged Aleppo, who gets a daughter during the fighting, really shook the Würzburg audience. ‘Buoyancy’, in which the impressive expanse of the Thai sea areas is juxtaposed with the microcosm of a fishing trawler, was Australia’s candidate for the Oscar race for a good reason.

We at Filminitative Würzburg are at least as happy as the makers of our winning films. This year’s film festival was a complete success – both in numbers and in terms of visitor feedback. Despite the reduction in the size of the festival from six to four venues this year due to illness, around 7,000 tickets were purchased, and more screenings than ever were sold out.

“By eliminating some of the events and bringing the festival venues together, the members of the film initiative were permanently united for the first time in years and were usually even able to sleep in before the festival started,” says board member Viviane Bogumil happily. “The newfound strength and good mood in the team rubbed off on our audience. This motivates us to put on a festival in 2021 that is at least as beautiful as the last one”.

And here are the winners of the individual categories:

Best Feature

1. “Buoyancy“ from Rodd Rathjen (€ 2,500 by VR-Bank Würzburg)
2. “Nos vies formidables“ from Fabienne Godet
3. “Coup“ from Sven O. Hill

Best Documentary

1. “For Sama“ from Waad al-Kateab and Edward Watts (€ 1,500 by Vogel Communications Group)
2. “Das Wunder von Taipeh“ from John David Seidler
3. “Sea of Shadows“ from Richard Ladkani

Best Short

“Hörst du, Mutter?“ from Tuna Kaptan
“Daughter“ from Daria Kashcheeva (€ 1,000 each by Würzburger Hofbräu GmbH and Midlifeclub, Würzburg)

Winner of “The Self-Made Ones”

„Gähnende Lehre“ from Röntgenfilm Würzburg (€ 150 by Bezirk Unterfranken)