46. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 30. Januar bis 02. Februar 2020

Watch out Film Festival fans: Multiple Ticket Passes now available!

It’s time again: Christmas is just around the corner and it won’t take too long until the 46th International Film Festival. To shorten the anticipation of the film festival, the popular and coveted multiple ticket passes will be available at our loyal Pre-Sale Agencies starting on Sunday, 1st of December 2019. The ticket passes allow … Weiterlesen …

A Short Story about an catastrophy: The Incursion

Sasha-Gay Lewis (1986) is a jamaican documentary filmmaker, producer, and writer. Her career in production started as a writer, producer and presenter for television where she produced content for Jamaicans at home and abroad. As a filmmaker, she has written, produced and directed a number of short films and documentaries in Jamaica, Belize, and California.
Her short documentary ‘The Incursion’ won Best Documentary Film at the
CaribbeanTales International Film Festival 2018, Best Documentary Short at the LA Script & Film Festival 2017, Honorable Mention at DOC LA, an Award of Recognition from Impact Docs, and it was an official selection of the Pan African Film Festival 2018.

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And at night – goosebumps invade the screen…

Nightmare Cinema aka Wrap Around
Photo by Michael Moriatis

Thick  fog  fills up a police station while a village man draws oversized circles in his neighbour’s crop and five people collide with a mysterious projectionist in a deserted movie palace…

As usual, the Filmwochenende puts on some atmospherically dense, demonically creepy, weirdly funny and psychologically tense movies in its late-night spots. And yes! Blood will be spilled, too, in these  films from the dark side of the soul…

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Opening Event

The Irish drama “The Drummer and the Keeper” by director Nick Kelly will officially open the 45th International Film Weekend in Wuerzburg. 

The film will be shown in the original version with German subtitles.

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New Venue! Japanese Screenings at the Siebold Museum

Würzburg’s International Film Festival is thrilled to announce a new venue, The Siebold Museum. The museum is one of Germany’s most unique German-Japanese Forums and we are so excited that we can screen several films here. Naturally, the focus here will be on Japanese cinema. No less than eight classic and modern productions from the far east will be shown, starting with Akira Kurosawa’s legendary and often copied “Yojimbo“ via 1980’s classic “Tampopo“ to Takeshi Kitano’s hilarious action comedy “Ryuzo and the seven Henchmen“ about a crew of elderly Yakuza taking back control of their neighborhood. Our program would however not be complete without the two Japanese phenomena that have had the greatest influence on international cinema: Anime and a certain monster.

Retrospective Veit Helmer

The German film director, Veit Helmer, is well-known in the short film world. His often burlesque films which are light on dialogue, have not only won many prizes, helped create a large fan base. The artist, who teaches at film schools in many countries, frequently involves students in his productions. This year, we will honor him and his work with a retrospective. In addition to several short films, his well-known feature film debut, “Tuvalu”, and his latest work, “The Bra”, will be screened.

Special Event: Coffee

Movies about coffee in a coffee shop – this is a special event for movie and coffee fans alike! This special event will take place at Co-Op Coffee on Saturday, January 26th at 17:30 pm. The short animation from Leah Dubuc, Christopher Walken’s Coffee Shop, and the fourty-five minute documentary from the European Coffee Trip … Weiterlesen …