50 Years International Film Festival Würzburg


During the film festival, visitors will use their ballots to decide which films will be awarded one of the three audience prizes. With the audience awards, the Wuerzburg Film Initiative supports filmmakers in attracting attention and recognition for their work. For this reason, special thanks also go to the sponsors of the three audience awards.

Competition films & voting

And this is how the voting works: Selected festival films take part in the competition. Visitors of the festival receive a voting card at the entrance to the respective film, on which they can give their verdict – simply by tearing the card at the desired rating

very good | good | so-so | bad

The Film Initiative asks for active participation in the evaluation, so that the final score is determined by as many votes as possible.


The festival’s main prize is being offered for the 36th time. The prize money of 2,500 euros is provided by VR-Bank Würzburg.


This category receives its own honor for the 21st time. The winner receives prize money of 1,500 euros from the Würzburger Hofbräu.


The makers of the two best short films can look forward to a sum of 500 euros each, donated by Sparkasse Mainfranken. All short films in the two blocks will take part in the competition. One winning film will be selected from each block.