45. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 24. bis 27. Januar 2019

Ticket Pre-Sales

Only multiple ticket passes are sold prior to the festival. They go on sale at select locations at the start of December. The passes are for either 5 or 10 different films and they are only valid for one person; they are not transferable. Please note: You will need to exchange these passes for actual tickets! These passes do not entitle their owners to attend sold-out performances; everyone must reserve tickets ahead of time. We strongly recommended that pass holders pick up or reserve tickets early. These passes cost € 30 (for five screenings) or € 55 (for ten). They can be purchased at the following locations:

Co-Op Coffee Mainviertel (NEU!!)
Zeller Str. 9
Tel: 0176 5766757

Akademische Buchhandlung Knodt
Textorstraße 4
Tel: 0931 52673

Buchladen Neuer Weg
Sanderstraße 25-27
Tel: 0931 355910

Buchhandlung dreizehneinhalb
Eichhornstraße 13 1/2
Tel: 0931 4652211

Central im Bürgerbräu
Frankfurter Straße 87
Tel: 0931 78011055

VR-Bank Würzburg
Marktplatz 2
Tel: 0931 359735

Buchhandlung Schöningh
Franziskanerplatz 4
0931 309810