50 Years International Film Festival Würzburg


The Filminitiative Wuerzburg e.V. finances the realization of its statutory purpose, the realization of the International Film Festival Wuerzburg as well as other film-related events, through the support of various public institutions, the proceeds of its events as well as to a certain extent through donations.

For this purpose the Filminitiative Wuerzburg e.V. has been recognized by the Wuerzburg tax office as a corporation for the promotion of art and culture as a non-profit organization and particularly worthy of support with a notice dated 18th of August 2020, and is allowed to issue donation receipts that reduce income and trade tax for cash and non-cash contributions received.

If you or your company would like to help Filminitiative Wuerzburg e.V. promote film culture, please contact us by email (info@filmwochenende.de).

Our donation account:

Filminitiative Wuerzburg e.V.
VR-Bank Wuerzburg
IBAN: DE47 7909 0000 0705 72