50 Years International Film Festival Würzburg

50th International Film Festival 2024: Axel Prahl and Marcus H. Rosenmüller

Dear film fans,

The 50th Wuerzburg International Film Festival will take place from January 25 to 28, 2024. Spread across the Bürgerbräu grounds, the Wuerzburg Film Initiative will be showing its usual impressive and moving films from a wide variety of countries. A program by film enthusiasts for film enthusiasts, curated with a lot of love. While a look at the program and various anniversary events will have to wait a little longer, here is a first look at the guest list. Illustrious names greet you from the list:

Axel Prahl: The 63-year-old actor from Holstein has been playing detective chief inspector Frank Thiel for over 20 years. “Many people know Axel Prahl from the top-rated Münster ‘Tatort’. There he plays the grumpy and edgy inspector with great relish. Of course, that’s just one facet of his acting,” says Katharina Schulz, co-chairwoman of the organizing Wuerzburg Film Initiative. “Our small film series with works such as “Du bist nicht allein” shows that Axel Prahl dares to tackle a wide variety of genres, is able to embody diverse roles and at the same time never loses his distinctiveness.”

Marcus H. Rosenmüller: It has also been almost 20 years since “Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot” (2006) made its way from the arthouse cinemas of southern Bavaria to the big screens of the whole country. A multi-award-winning debut work that was followed by a witty and multifaceted oeuvre. Most recently, the ‘New Stories of Pumuckl’ by the 50-year-old Upper Bavarian once again caused a sensation. Werner Schmitt, Co-CEO of Filmini: “We are often accused of overwhelming our audience with material that is far too heavy. Marcus’ films dissolve this accusation into thin air in 2024 – without lacking the profundity that is essential for us.”

“A central concern for our anniversary was to bring renowned filmmakers to Wuerzburg who can also provide an insight into the last decades of German film history. After all, German film has always been an important part of the festival program since the beginnings of the Film Festival,” says Florian Hoffmann, co-chairman number 3, giving an insight into the planning. “With Axel Prahl and Marcus H. Rosenmüller, we are welcoming two filmmakers who have helped shape film and cinema in Germany for many years. It’s great that it worked out for both of them and that they are coming to talk about their work.” Interview requests to presse@filmwochenende.de. Further guests will be announced in January.

This begins with further anticipation events to look forward to.

  • Sunday, January 7, 3 pm, Theater Chambinzky:
    “The Drummer And The Keeper” by Nick Kelly (feature film award 2019)
  • Wednesday, January 10, 7 pm, Keller Z87:
    “Kaspar Hauser – Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle” by Werner Herzog (Film Festival 1975)

Admission is free, seats are limited. Seat reservations can be made at 50Jahre@filmwochenende.de.

Since mid-December, the popular multiple tickets have also been available again at the following sales outlets: In the bookshops Knodt, Schöningh, dreizehneinhalb, Hätzfelder Bücherstube, Neuer Weg as well as in Central in the Bürgerbräu area. Tickets for 5 persons cost 35 euros, tickets for 10 persons 65 euros.

Information on the program, the exhibition and the press conference will follow in January.