48. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 27. bis 30. Januar 2022

The Bubble

Regie: Valerie Blankenbyl
Dokumentarfilm | OmdU (Englisch) | 2021 | 92 min | im Wettbewerb | Limitiertes Kontingent

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In der größten Seniorenstadt der Welt, "The Villages", wird alles geboten, was das Rentnerherz begehrt. Mitten im sonnigen Florida findet man in dieser Stadt nicht nur Supermärkte, Bars und Restaurants, sondern auch Kurse für Bauchtanz oder Synchronschwimmen. Gegründet in den frühen 80er-Jahren von Harold Schwarz, wird dieses Rentnerparadies heute noch als Unternehmen von der Familie Morse geführt. "The Villages" gelten als Zufluchtsort für Industriearbeiter, die nach Jahren harter Arbeit jetzt wie Könige leben wollen. Doch was auf den ersten Blick wie die Erfüllung des amerikanischen Traums wirkt, bekommt bei genauerem Hinsehen Risse. Denn die Aufrechterhaltung dieser Bubble kostet nicht nur ihre Bewohner, sondern auch die Welt um sie herum einen hohen Preis.



In the largest retirement community in the world, "The Villages", there is everything that a retiree's heart desires. In the middle of sunny Florida, “The Villages” not only offers supermarkets, bars and restaurants, but also courses such as belly dancing and synchronized swimming. Founded in the early 80s by Harold Schwarz, this paradise for seniors is an odd mixture of privately owned companies and officially organized small towns. “The Villages” are a haven for blue collar workers who, after years of hard work, now want to live like kings. But what at first glance looks like the fulfillment of the American dream, on closer inspection, cracks. In order to maintain life in this bubble, its inhabitants, as well as the outside world, have to pay a high price.


Über den Film

A permanent vacation from reality.
Carmen Gray, https://www.moderntimes.review/the-bubble/

Let this number sink in – the retirement community The Villages, situated in sunny Florida, offers a refuge to, at least at the time of filming, over 150,000 residents. All are ready to finally put themselves first after years of work, sacrifice and, as it is repeatedly stated here, “shoveling the snow;” ready to get into their golf carts and start sipping some long-overdue margaritas. As Valerie Blankenbyl shows in her very watchable documentary, there is no shortage of entertainment and activities. Cardio drumming to Let's Get Loud, 70 swimming pools and 3000 social clubs keep everyone busy, so busy that their families are advised to check in first before paying a visit. It's all rather tempting, especially considering how lonely old age can be. And yet it comes as precisely no surprise, especially after witnessing the super-size of it all, that living at The Villages comes at a price.
Marta Balaga, https://cineuropa.org/en/newsdetail/401966/



RegieValerie Blankenbyl