46. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 30. Januar bis 02. Februar 2020

Würzburg’s Directors Join Us This Year

For the first time ever, the International Film Festival will screen four films by Würzburg natives. Two productions will celebrate their world premiere!

Thomas Heinemann’s latest film, “Perfect Silence”, will make its international debut in Würzburg. Following the cult series, “Positive Sinking”,  “Perfect Silence” finally reveals the whole truth about Angelo Sommerfeld; fans understand what we mean.

Sascha Alexander Renninger’s “Fragment 1890” will also make its international debut. Sascha studied in Würzburg and “Shadow of the Unnamable” will be screened with “Fragment 1890” as part of the H.P. Lovecraft retrospective.

Guido Ronge completes our trio of Würzburg directors. His short, “Little Rebel”, will be screened in the first short film block, Kurz und Unterwegs. The documentary, originally conceived as a response to the US government’s ban on entry, became a celebration of refugee communities around the world.