46. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 30. Januar bis 02. Februar 2020

This Year’s Winners are…

This year’s festival was truly unique. Thanks to our talented guests, faithful audience members, and hardworking team, we closed our 44th year with a bang and look forward to all that our 45th year holds! Our audience crowned the following films as this year’s winners:

Best Feature Films

1. Hva vil folk si (What will people say)
2. Der Kuchenmacher (The cake maker)
3. Zer

Best Documentaries

1. Nowhere to Hide
2. Marika’s Missio
3. Die Jungs

Best Shorts
1. Downside Up
2. Watu Wote (All of Us)
3. The Cameraman

Luca-Dante Spadafora won the audience award for his “self-made” film “Raid”.