48. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 27. bis 30. Januar 2022

The winners have been announced!

We are happy that a large part of the digital festival visitors did their job as audience jury and diligently voted for the films they saw. This year we declared all festival films as competition films. Since the first International Film Festival in 1974, one of the main concerns of the Film Initiative Wuerzburg has been to bring well-known filmmakers to Wuerzburg and to provide a platform for up-and-coming talent and to promote them. Corona and the transfer of the festival to the Internet were not to change this. That’s why we stuck to the three award categories in 2021 and thank the sponsors very much for being part of it again!

And here are the winners of each category and first reactions:

Best Feature Film

Winterreise by Anders Østergaard and Erzsébet Rácz (2,500 euros from VR-Bank Würzburg)

Co-director Erzsebet Racz: “We are very happy that our film Winterreise won the audience award for best feature film at the 47th Wuerzburg International Film Festival. All the more so, because in these times it is not so easy to recreate the scope of a film on which one has worked for several years. It is an honor for us to win a prize at such a representative competition with such important themes and with outstanding films such as my personal favorite ‘Håp’ by Maria Sødahl. This would certainly not be possible without our great actors, especially Bruno Ganz, and the true and wonderfully touching story of Martin Goldsmith and his family. We would also like to thank on behalf of our team, our producers and the distributor Real Fiction, who had made this film possible and supported it. Thank you so much.”

Best Documentary

Was tun by Michael Kranz (1,500 euros from Vogel Communications Group).

Michael Kranz: “Many thanks to this fabulous audience jury, who were moved by ‘Was tun’ and the fates shown in the film. It is wonderful that films can overcome such great distances and bring people together from the most diverse walks of life. And it is also an encouragement for our cinema release this year in these times so difficult to weigh for Kuno. Thank you Wuerzburg!”

Best Short Film

María by Zoé Salicrup-Junco (1,000 euros from Würzburger Hofbräu GmbH).

Zoé Salicrup-Junco writes from the USA: “My deepest gratitude to the 47 International Film Festival Wuerzburg and everyone who voted. This is such an honor and a blessing! To think that our film had an impact on the other side of the world is deeply moving. Often times Latino stories, more specifically Caribbean stories are overlooked. This is confirmation and inspiration that we’re on the right track. Our stories are overflowing with potential and reach. We must continue to put them on screen, no matter what obstacle. I share this moment with my amazing cast and crew, my family and friends. Thank you again for the incredible honor.”