48. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 27. bis 30. Januar 2022

The 48th International Film Festival 2022 comes to an end

Four days of face-to-face and one week of online festival, 3,200 tickets sold, almost half of them in the 41 screenings on site, 100 Corona rapid tests on the Bürgerbräu grounds, none of them positive, and 26 feature films, eight documentaries and eleven short films vying for the audience’s favor: It was a different, but still beautiful Film Festival.

So it is time to say thank you: To our guests, the documentary filmmakers Peter Heller and Silvia Häselbarth as well as director Laura Lehmus, who brought their work closer to the visitors despite the adverse circumstances with only a few cinema guests. To the team of the Central im Bürgerbräu for their energetic support, the DLRG for their voluntary work at the test station, Wunschwerk GmbH for the delicious staff catering and the additional equipment, the distributors and world distributors for their trust, our sponsors as well as the visitors and spectators for their loyalty and the encouragement we were once again allowed to experience.