45. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 24. bis 27. Januar 2019

Special Event: Coffee

Movies about coffee in a coffee shop – this is a special event for movie and coffee fans alike! This special event will take place at Co-Op Coffee on Saturday, January 26th at 17:30 pm. The short animation from Leah Dubuc, Christopher Walken’s Coffee Shop, and the fourty-five minute documentary from the European Coffee Trip (ECT), AeroPress Movie. But that’s not all, Radek Nozicka and Ales Pospisil, the driving force behind the ECT and the directors of the AeroPress Movie, will be present. Since the films take less than an hour total, the audience will have plenty of time to ask Radek and Ales about coffee and their travels (Rakek just came from Ethiopia).

Tickets for this special event will be available during the film festival at the information desk and Co-Op direkt.



Co-Op-Coffee, Zeller Str. 9, 97082 Würzburg

Time: Saturday, January 26th at 17:30 pm


This special event will be repeated on Sunday, January 27th at 15:30 pm in Keller Z87 (Bürgerbräu Grounds, Frankfurter Str. 87).