46. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 30. Januar bis 02. Februar 2020

Silent Film Matinee

This year’s silent film matinee once again guarantees goose-pimple moments – not only because Richard Oswald’s “Eerie Tales” offer eerily beautiful entertainment on the screen, also because this year’s live act Michael Riessler stands for music that gets under your skin.

The exceptional clarinetist has worked with such diverse artists as John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen and David Byrne, performed with the Berliner Philharmoniker and the WDR Big Band, released countless CDs and was awarded the annual prize of the German Record Critics’ Association. The FAZ calls him “one of the most versatile German composers and musicians”.

He composed and produced a new soundtrack for Richard Oswald’s silent film “Eerie Tales“, which was rescued from the archives and elaborately restored. The film festival shows the first two stories from this episode film, which Michael Riessler will accompany live with the bass clarinet, in addition to the soundtrack.

The “Eerie Tales” with the three stars of the Weimar Republic Anita Berber, Conrad Veidt and Reinhold Schünzel had their premiere on November 5th in Berlin and enthused their audience with their brisk narration, cleverly used trick technique and great acting (each of the three main actors plays a different role in each episode).

To the content: Midnight! The clock strikes twelve times in an antiquarian bookshop and the witching hour begins! The devil, death and the harlot emerge from their murals and begin to amuse themselves: Scary stories are whispered, the soul sighs, light and shadow mix, Dutch ladies disappear without a trace from hotel rooms and beautiful women drive one or the other man out of his mind. Until the clock strikes on the next full hour…


“Carl Hoffmann’s camera captures the game masterfully, showing a variability that is unusually large for 1919, ranging from long shots to extreme close-ups. The film is also fast-paced and the episodic narrative style does not allow for any lengths anyway.” (www.stummfilm-magazin.de)

“The newly composed music of the film sets fresh accents and intensifies the creepy character of the stories.” (www.filmdienst.de)