45. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 24. bis 27. Januar 2019

New Venue! Japanese Screenings at the Siebold Museum

Würzburg’s International Film Festival is thrilled to announce a new venue, The Siebold Museum. The museum is one of Germany’s most unique German-Japanese Forums and we are so excited that we can screen several films here. Naturally, the focus here will be on Japanese cinema. No less than eight classic and modern productions from the far east will be shown, starting with Akira Kurosawa’s legendary and often copied “Yojimbo“ via 1980’s classic “Tampopo“ to Takeshi Kitano’s hilarious action comedy “Ryuzo and the seven Henchmen“ about a crew of elderly Yakuza taking back control of their neighborhood. Our program would however not be complete without the two Japanese phenomena that have had the greatest influence on international cinema: Anime and a certain monster.