46. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 30. Januar bis 02. Februar 2020

Midnight Section

What do a tunnel borer, a dominatrix and a deerskin jacket have in common? Right. All three have a starring role in this year’s Midnight Section.

We are happy to present you a very varied late night program this year again:


In this award-winning thriller, the young journalist Rie just wants to interview a construction crew that is digging the tunnels for the Copenhagen metro. But in the moment the two workers Ivo and Bharan show her the pressure chamber of the big tunnel borer, disaster strikes…

What follows are 60 nerve-racking minutes in which naked survival is at stake in a confined space – deep beneath the Danish capital.

Christine Sønderris in „Cutterhead“, 2018

Dogs Don’t Wear Pants

This drama, set in the S&M milieu, tells – in elegant colours and picture compositions – the story of the surgeon Juha. Years ago he lost his wife in a tragic bathing accident. Afterwards he has been emotionally paralyzed by his everyday life. A coincidence leads him to the studio of the dominatrix Mona and the extremes to which Juha exposes himself there help him to find back to himself – or to destroy himself?

“Dogs Don’t Wear Pants” is a dark story, also filmed with black humor, about loss, love and the pain of human existence. Director J.-P. Valkeapäa won the New Visions Award for young, exceptional auteur films for this film at Sitges, the most important festival for such genre films worldwide.

„Dogs Don’t Wear Pants“, 2019


Things aren’t going so well for Georges (Academy Award winner Jean Dujardin): relationship failed, bank account empty and the mountain hideaway he has taken refuge in is more desolate than desolate. Fortunately, he has his new jacket made of 100% deerskin with him – an absolute gem that makes a new person out of him. Especially when the jacket starts talking to him and presents him a plan that will not only turn Georges’ life upside down…

Director Quentin Dupieux has been shooting crime thrillers for years, in which he repeatedly breaks away from genre conventions and thus achieves both unpredictable great comedy and tragedy (for example, his debut “Rubber” tells the story of a very unusual serial killer – a car tyre). “Deerskin” was the opening film at last year’s Cannes Film Festival in the prestigious Quinzaine des Réalisateurs section. Look out! Potential cult status!

Jean Dujardin in „Deerskin“, 2019