48. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 27. bis 30. Januar 2022


Since the first International Film Festival in 1974 one of the main concerns of the Film Initiative Wuerzburg has been not only to bring well-known filmmakers to Wuerzburg but also to provide a platform for newcomers and to promote them. For several decades, this support has also been provided in the form of cash prizes. The jury is the audience. Corona and moving the festival to the Internet should not change this. That is why we are sticking to the three prize categories in 2022 and thank the sponsors very much for continuing to be part of it!

Competition films & voting

This year we are declaring all festival films to be competition films. The audience will have the opportunity to vote for the respective film in the course of online streaming. Please make use of this opportunity as the winners of the various categories will be determined exclusively by the audience.

And this is how the voting works: During admission to the cinema, you will receive voting cards on which you mark your vote and which you can hand in to the admissions staff after the end of the film. Online, a box with five stars and a request to vote appears on your screen at the start of the credits. By assigning stars, you can vote as follows:

***** excellent | **** very good | *** good | ** so-so | * bad

You can change your vote at any time within the 24 hours in which you can play the film. For films that may be shown both in theaters and online, the voting results are added together. The announcement of the winning films will be made a few days after the conclusion of the festival via our website and social media channels.


The best feature film is awarded for the 34th time; the prize money of € 2,500 is provided by VR-Bank Würzburg.


For the 19th time an audience award is offered among the five documentary films in competition; the prize money of € 1,500 is provided by Vogel Communications Group.


The best short film will be awarded for the 27th time. The prize money of € 1,000 is provided by Würzburger Hofbräu GmbH.