46. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 30. Januar bis 02. Februar 2020

Jörg Schüttauf as a guest at the 46th International Film Festival Würzburg

The actor Jörg Schüttauf established himself as a demanded actor in the GDR cinema in the second half of the 80’s and was able to tie up to this success nationwide after the reunification. Television viewers know him among others as the Frankfurt Tatort commissioner, but he also appeared in numerous movies. Jörg Schüttauf will be a guest at the International Film Festival as part of the “Plus Minus 89” retrospective and is already looking forward to his visit to Würzburg, which he has very special memories of:

Jörg Schüttauf told the Filminitiative Würzburg the following about his experiences during the peaceful revolution in the GDR:

“As a “learned GDR citizen”, as we Ossis like to call ourselves, I, like everyone else, did not see the turning point coming that quickly. And when it was there, it didn’t take long, I was in Munich and, on the eve of the ARD program, I was squeezing along wet basement walls with my gun drawn, always on the trail of crime. Just a few months before, I was sitting alone and rather sad in a wet basement corridor in Wismar for GDR television, waiting until the police found me. What I mean is: No matter in which time and in which part of Germany I lived, the task was always the same: Just pretend. And wet cellar walls are everywhere.

In the country of my birth I had kindergarten, school, apprenticeship and studies. I have loved, laughed and sometimes sad, but first and foremost and most of all I have been young. As a young actor I wanted to go to the theatre in Berlin very quickly, because the actors there were allowed to travel. And not just to the Eastern Bloc, but to the beautifully dreamed West, which I absolutely wanted to see before I reached the age of 65. Suddenly the wall was gone and a new phase began, new roles, different people with the same language and a louder laugh and a more garish outfit. These, my new colleagues, were different, but not at all unfriendly or even dismissive. My post-reunification period is in my best memory. And by the way, Würzburg was the first city in the West that I visited, because that’s where the Christmas parcels with all kinds of good-smelling and colourfully wrapped treats came from, and the odd gaudy outfit was there too.