47. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 28. Januar bis 3. Februar 2021


1. How much does a ticket cost?

6 € or 10 € (Soli-Ticket).

2. What is the Soli-Ticket and how much does it cost?

The Soli-Ticket costs 10 €. It is intended for all those who want to support FiWo or who want to watch the film at home in pairs or in a larger group (i.e. who would buy several tickets at the cinema).

3. What does “limited contingent” mean?

Just as the number of seats is limited in the cinema, the number of accesses to individual films is also limited in streaming (for about one third of all films). This is noted with the films concerned with “limited contingent”.

4. How long can I watch the film online?

Borrowed films can be watched as often as you like within 24 hours after the first start. The 24h hours are independent of the purchase date. The movie start is done by entering the previously purchased ticket ID.

5. Do I have to buy multiple tickets if I want to watch the movie together with friends?

In order to relieve us financially this would be nice for FiWo but it is not necessary. You are welcome to sit in front of the monitor/TV in a group and watch the film for a one-time fee of 6 € or 10 € (in a private setting and taking into account the infection control measures).

6. I don’t live in Germany, can i watch the program online?

Unfortunately no, due to our license agreements with the filmmakers we are only allowed to offer the films in Germany. Geoblocking is activated for all films.

7. How do I buy a streaming ticket?

  1. Select a film: On the “Line-Up 2021” page, select the desired film (by clicking on the title).
  2. Buy streaming ticket: Starting Wednesday, 27th of January, an embedded player with a “Buy Ticket” (or “Ticket”/”Soli Ticket”) button will appear on the movie description page, click the button and follow the instructions. After successful payment (via PayPal or credit card) a ticket ID will appear – please note, this is the access code for streaming. In addition, the ticket ID will be sent to the email address you have stored. During FiWo the stream for this movie can be activated (either immediately or at a later time).
  3. Watch film later: Visit film page again during the festival period. In the embedded player click on “I already have a ticket ID” and enter ticket ID. The selected film will then be available for 24 hours.

8. In which language version are the films available?

Films can be in different language versions:

dF → German version
eOF → English original version
eOmdU → English original with German subtitles
fOmeU → French original with English subtitles.
OF → original version
without dialogue
Omd/eU → original with German and/or English subtitles
OmdU → original with German subtitles
OmeU → original with English subtitles

In the film descriptions you can see which languages are spoken in the film, these are shown in brackets.

9. How does our streaming partner Pantaflix (platform for the streaming offer) use my data?

As securely, fairly and humanely as possible. To be on the safe side, please consult our privacy policy. Most importantly, personal data is NOT shared with third parties.

10. Can I watch every movie in HD?

Basically yes, as all movies have been provided to us in sufficient quality and resolution. However depending on the available internet connection and end device the quality during streaming may be adjusted to the available bandwidth.

11. Which payment methods are offered for streaming ticket purchases?

PayPal and credit card (VISA, MasterCard).

12. How does the movie display look like if I have a bad internet connection?

We do our best and automatically adjust the quality of the movies to the available internet connection and player. If you have a slow internet connection it may not be possible to play the movie in the best possible quality.

13. Why does the movie HÅP have strange overlays in the picture?

This is a watermark. Unfortunately the movie was provided to us like this. A note below the embedded player points this out before you buy.


The film EN HELT ALMINDELIG FAMILIE is available starting Monday, 1st of February, and can therefore not be played on the first four days of the festival. This is due to the conditions of the film distributor. A note below the embedded player will indicate this before purchase.

15. Can I also watch films on my smart TV?

Yes, this is possible. To do so use the browser app on the device and visit our website www.filmwochenende.de/programm. The ticket purchase can be made either directly on the TV or in advance on another device. In this case use the ticket ID to start playback on the TV as described above (“I already have a ticket ID”).

16. Can I still watch a film for which I have purchased a ticket ID after 3rd of February?

No. The tickets are only valid for the duration of the film weekend, so for licensing reasons they must be redeemed during the festival.

17. Do I have to pay attention to anything when watching the film BOY MEETS GUN?

Yes, the film BOY MEETS GUN is only available up to and including Sunday 31st of January and can therefore not be played on the last three days of the festival. This is due to the conditions of the film distributor. A note below the embedded player will indicate this before purchase.

18. Can multiple movies be purchased at once with one payment transaction?

No, the movies must be purchased individually.

19. What are the minimum requirements for a streaming device (hardware and operating system)?

Basically the end device must have a current browser or browser app. For details see https://support.pantaflix.com/hc/de/articles/209300989

20. With which browsers and browser versions is streaming possible?

A sufficiently new browser version from recent years is required (from approx. 2017 or later), in particular the browser must support the playback of DRM-protected content. For details, see https://support.pantaflix.com/hc/de/articles/209300989

21. Can a movie be transferred from the computer to the TV screen via an HDMI cable?

Yes, this is possible in most cases. Alternatively playback can also be started directly on the TV if it is a smart TV with a browser app or if a corresponding player is connected to the TV (e.g. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV).

22. Why am I not shown a ticket ID when I place an order? / Why have I not received a confirmation email? / Why was my PayPal/credit card account not charged?

At the end of the order, the purchase must be triggered by clicking on the orange button “Order subject to payment”. This button is located directly under the check mark “By submitting the order …”. – If necessary, the window must be scrolled down. Only by clicking on this button, the purchase is confirmed and subsequently the ticket ID is displayed, and only at this moment the PayPal / credit card account is charged.

23. Why don’t I see a ticket ID in my confirmation email?

For confirmation emails sent before Wednesday, around 4:15pm, the ticket ID may appear in white text color on a white background. In this case, the text can be selected with the mouse to make the ticket ID visible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

24. Why does clicking on “click here & view” in the confirmation mail only open a black window?

Unfortunately, an invalid link was unintentionally stored in confirmation emails sent before Thursday, approx. 4:15pm. In this case, please visit our website again and call up the film in question under “Line-Up 2021“. The film can then be played via the button “I already have a ticket ID” after entering the ticket ID from the confirmation e-mail. We apologize for the inconvenience.

25. Why is my ticket ID not accepted (the message “This ticket ID is invalid” appears instead)?

When entering the Ticket ID, special attention must be paid to distinguish the similar looking letters “L” and “I” (in lower and upper case). The ticket ID consists of exactly 12 characters (letters, digits, hyphens). For confirmation emails sent before Thursday, approx. 4:15pm, the first and last characters may not be displayed in full. In this case, the text can be selected with the mouse to make the ticket ID fully visible. We apologize for the inconvenience.