48. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg vom 27. bis 30. Januar 2022

47th International Film Festival 2021: Film Festival becomes Film Week!

What a year lies behind us! And what challenges do we still have to face? The Film Initiative Wuerzburg has good news for the culturally sad November: The 47th International Film Festival Wuerzburg will take place. Due to the pandemic it will not take place in its usual form – but will still be as diverse as usual. Above all, the festival duration will be different. From January 28th to February 3rd, 2021, FiWo will span seven days for the first time. The film festival will therefore become a film week.

The reason for this is a change in the schedule in order to be able to meet the requirements of the venue, the Central im Bürgerbräu, which are also expected for the coming spring. “The hygiene concept of the Central has proven itself in recent months,” confirms Thomas Schulz, board member of the Filminitiative Würzburg. “Building on this we will be able to play at least the three screens of our regular cinema in 2021.” It is with a heavy heart that further venues will have to be dispensed with. Schulz is sure that it is also important to hold the traditional Wuerzburg film festival so that festival and cinema culture is not forgotten: “Even and perhaps especially in these difficult times we need the images and the stories that only cinema can provide,” he says.

Around 20 films including as always feature films, documentaries and at least one short film block are to be shown over the course of the film festival. Due to the smaller number of venues, limited visitor capacities, and the expected public reticence regarding the pandemic, a large number of the festival films will be available in parallel online via this homepage. This makes the 47th International Film Festival a hybrid festival – like the recent Hofer Filmtage, the Nordic Film Days Luebeck or DOK Leipzig. Should cultural venues be closed again at the time of the festival due to Corona, FiWo will take place exclusively online.

There will be no festival venue in the Maschinenhaus in 2021 nor will there be an opening ceremony or special events such as the popular silent film matinee. “We are reducing the upcoming film festival to the essentials, to films selected and chosen by us from 15 countries, which cannot be seen at all in regular cinemas or only later” explains Thomas Schulz. “With this, we hope to be able to please our guests again in 2021 and give them stimulating hours of cinema – in the cinema hall or at home.”

More details on the program and festival schedule will follow in the coming weeks and months!